FIR-Capture change list

Nov 09 2017 v1.03

o The smooth algorithm is improved.
o Polar-plot now has an option to use 3dB divider in the scale.
o + minor fixes...

Apr 19 2017 v1.02

o The scale is now drawn correctly in the 3D CSD/waterfall in Windows 10.
o Plus a bunch of bug fixes.

Oct 18 2016 v1.01

o Phase-Linearization is improved and now has 2 modes where the first called "Low Latency Group-Delay" that most of the time give the smallest delay, this one is the mode that was used before. Then there is the new "Accurate Group-Delay" that have better waveform fidelity, recommended for Hifi.
o The FIR plug-in for Lake is improved and now support multiple frames and modules, contact Dan if you need this plug-in.
o The "Sum Multiple IR" is now working like it should.
o + more...

Jun 14 2016 v1.00

o First release...