Tuning-Capture Plus change list

Nov 30 2017 v1.03

o Fixed a fatal bug when running under Windows 10 and trying to change anything in the Transfer Fn Setup dialog.
o The smooth algorithm is improved.
o You can now export the power spectrum in the Capture tab.
o + minor fixes...

Oct 27 2017 v1.02

o Phase-ref in Transfer Fn, right click and see the top of the pop-up menu.
o 3 dB divider on the frequency scale in Transfer Fn.
o Ambi-Win is now available both in Transfer Fn and in the Capture tab.
o Mic 3 and 4 is now accessible in the Settings/Microphones menu.
o + minor fixes...

Aug 17 2017 v1.01

o The user weighting button in the TFn tab was not functional.
o The old Dolby/Lake measurement data transfer is now working.